A completed application for immigration in Germany
2. If you have a form for which you previously opened a visa (completed pdf-questionnaire), then you can send it to us without refilling the entire questionnaire again, just indicate in the text of the letter what data we should change when registering (for example visas issued in the last 3 years: from “year-month-day” to “year-month-day”).
3. Fill in the test form on the consulate’s website: https://by.e-konsulat.gov.pl and send the received PDF-file to e-mail: [email protected] indicating the contact phone number in the message and the region (Minsk, Brest or Grodno (you can specify a few)), to which you register.
Samples of filling in the form on the website of the consulate:
Schengen sample for purchases: Klac.
A sample of filling out a visa application form for Germany.
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The model for filling out the visa application form for Germany, which is reproduced below, was actually adopted on April 4, 2013 at the German Visa Center in Moscow, with all corrections made directly at the reception desk.
All information in this note is of an advisory nature and is not official information of the Visa Center or the German Embassy. The use of this information does not automatically lead to the receipt of your visa and serves only the purpose of information support and exchange of experience.
A multivisa was requested at the invitation of a private person for 90 days for a formally unemployed person who is valid for 1 year, the first entry for a period of 1 month.
A sample of filling out a visa application form in Germany_1 sheet_p.1-19.
What should I look for when filling out a visa application form for Germany?
Having carefully read the instructions for completing the questionnaire on the official website of the German Embassy, I personally had 2 questions, the answers to which I could not find in the instructions.
First, – what should you write in paragraph 25 of the questionnaire “Duration of stay”, if you take into account that the visa for a stay of 90 days in Germany is given for a period of six months, while the desired validity of the visa is 365 days? (Relevant insurance for the whole year is registered and attached). For a competent answer to this question, I applied to the Visa Section of the German Embassy through a special form on the website:
“… I plan to visit friends in Germany and arrange a visa at the invitation of a private person. I would like to receive a multi-visa with an estimated duration of stay of 90 days for 1 year. Please tell me, what should I write in paragraph 25 of the questionnaire? 90 days or 365. ”
Two days later, the Visa Section of the German Embassy answered:
“You should specify 180 days. Sincerely, Visa department �.
This logic is clear to me, I admit, with difficulty, but arguing with the embassy – is more expensive. In the original version to receive a three-month multivisa at the invitation of a private person, I was told “180”.
A sample of filling out a visa application form in Germany_2 sheet_p.19-32.
2. The second question, is it necessary to stick the photo on the questionnaire yourself? For the answer, I again applied to the Visa Section of the German Embassy: “Please tell me whether it is necessary to stick a photo on the completed visa application forms.”
A few days later came the answer: “Of course. Sincerely, Visa department �.
What corrections were made to the questionnaire at the reception at the Visa Center in Germany?
The questionnaire was completed in electronic form and printed out. The signatures were made with a black pen. At the reception, I was asked to sign a blue pen next to the one that had already been made (as shown in the photo). In conversation with the employee it was found out that it is necessary to fill out the questionnaires with a blue pen. To stick a photo on the questionnaire in advance turned out to be not obligatory. Again, from a conversation with an embassy employee, I managed to find out that in some cases the pictures are stuck incorrectly or so inaccurately, that I have to redo the entire questionnaire. Paragraph 25 (“Length of stay”) was corrected for “90 days” and amended paragraphs 29 and 30 (see photo). I understood these questionnaires, like the dates of the first entry into the Schengen area and exit, – initially I have a period of 1 month. The employee also recommended to put in p.29 “Supposed_date_on entrance to the Schengen_zone” – May 5, 2013, but in p.30 put on May 4, 2014, that is, limiting the duration of the proposed multivisa in 1 year. These corrections seemed to me reasonable and logically correct. That is, in paragraph 25 of the visa application, you specify the number of days for which you are planning to obtain a visa. And in points 29, 30 indicate the period in which you can enter this country by this multiview.
A sample of filling out a visa application form in Germany_3 sheet_p.33-36.
What additional visa documents are needed to obtain a visa for non-working tourists?
During the reception at the visa center, you are given a form in which all documents received from you are listed. If you read it carefully, then this form is a kind of your resume for obtaining a visa. So, there is an item: “The reason for returning home,” which includes two points:
The current labor contract. A document confirming the ownership of the property.
What do freelancers do to obtain a visa that can not provide a certificate from work?
To start honestly indicate that you are a freelancer, formally do not work anywhere. Be sure to make an extract from your bank account for the past six months, on which you can trace the movement of money on the account, that is, from time to time money is transferred to your account and then withdrawn.
A sample of filling out a visa application form in Germany_4 sheet.
You will learn about the results in obtaining a German visa on this sample here in 10 working days!
The result of filing documents for the Schengen visa through the Visa Center of Germany in Moscow. issued a Schengen visa exactly as requested: a multi-visa for 90 days with a validity period of 1 year. But the passport with the visa was ready only on April 24, 2013, that is, it was done 20 (!) Calendar days!
The result of filing documents for the Schengen visa through the Visa Center of Germany in Moscow.
To apply to the Visa Center through the site after the promised 10 days, the following response was received:
“We apologize for the inconvenience that you have incurred, but your documents are currently being examined by the German Embassy.” Unfortunately, the Embassy does not comment on the status of the examination of documents. “The deadline for processing applications is at the discretion of the embassy staff.” The estimated period for processing applications is 10 calendar days. The case of the German Embassy does not guarantee the consideration of documents for 10 days and can delay your documents without explaining the reason to 30 days.
As soon as the documents are considered by the German Embassy and sent to the Visa Center, the status on the site will also be changed to the corresponding one. ”
Conclusion: the visa documents through the visa center are best served for 40 days before the proposed trip to Europe.
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Vera Rein April 6, 2013 18 comments.
Filling in the form for a Schengen visa to Germany.
The way to the article: Home Visas.
Germany is one of the most popular countries among domestic tourists. Among all the countries visited by Russians, Germany leaves the most money. Only in 2013, tourists, citizens of the Russian Federation, spent more than a billion euros in Germany.
Everyone goes to Germany for their own purpose: someone, as a tourist, someone, for example, to buy real estate or a car, and someone else is transit to another member country of the Schengen agreement. But for all categories, we have to issue a Schengen visa to Germany. The biggest question that usually arises when submitting documents is the completion of a questionnaire for a Schengen visa.
Why Germany.
Germany is a state in Europe, with the largest population on the continent – over 80 million people. Germany has many advantages – it is the first country for economic development in Europe and the fifth in the world. Thanks to its economic well-being, nature, cultural heritage, Germany attracts many people of different backgrounds who go for different purposes: in search of work, for immigration, study, for tourism and much more. By the way, Germany takes the second place in the world for submitting documents for immigration, but not all become lucky, who receives a positive response.
Some interesting facts about Germany.
The largest beer festival in the world is held in Germany and is called the Oktoberfest. Germany’s national football team is one of the most titled in the world – 4 World Cups, more wins in World Championships only in Brazil. A similar result also for Italy – also four wins at the World Cup Berlin Wall stood for 28 years from 1961 to 1989. The German mark – the official currency of Germany, was withdrawn on January 1, 2002. She was replaced by the euro.
What kind of visa do you need?
By residence, visas are divided into two types: short-term and long-term.
Short-term visa is designed to stay in the country for not more than 90 days for 180 days (six months). Long-term visa is over 90 days.
The first type (short-term stay) includes:
housekeepers and nannies / Practice Training and further education / Study in school Education in universities / Study in exchange / Language courses.
Based on your needs, you submit documents for the type of visa you need. The first type (short stay) is the filing of documents for a Schengen visa. The second type (long-term stay) is the filing of documents for the national visa of Germany.
Samples of questionnaires.
You can download the sample of the questionnaire for the Schengen visa to Germany by the following links:
Before starting to analyze the questionnaire on the items, information about some of the filling rules. The German Embassy allows you to fill out the questionnaire, both in German and in the language of the country in which you live, there are only a few conditions about which below.
The name, surname, first name and some items (1, 2, 3, 5, 13, 16, 31, 34) should be filled in with the Latin alphabet, as in your passport, and the remaining items can be completed both in German and in your native language. Second note , more precisely the request of the embassy – not to leave empty fields, it is better just to write: “not related” or “no” The column on the left in the questionnaire is filled by the consular staff, so you do not need to bring anything into it.
Filling out the questionnaire on the items.
In total, the questionnaire contains 37 items, in which you can enter text or digital information, as well as choose the answers from the proposed ones. How to fill in the questionnaire in detail on the items we discussed in the post with the title “Sample of filling out a questionnaire for a Schengen visa.”
After filling in all the points, we read the agreement for the processing of personal data and other rules, after which we once again write information such as in paragraphs 36-37 in the appropriate fields below.
Answers on questions.
Do you need to fill in all the points of the questionnaire?
All items are not mandatory, for example, paragraphs 34,35 are filled only by those who have family ties with citizens of countries that are members of the Schengen Agreement – the EU, Norway, Switzerland, Iceland.
If you are traveling at the invitation of the company or organization for a business trip, then fill in item 32, otherwise it is not necessary to fill it out.
Registration of visas by invitation.
1. Consular fee – 35 euros, regardless of the type and duration of the visa.
The cost of consular fees for citizens of Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Serbia is 35 euros. For citizens of Georgia and other countries – 60 euros.
From the payment of the consular fee the following categories of persons are exempt:
– parents, children, spouses of persons with Russian citizenship living in the Republic of Estonia,
– disabled persons and their accompanying persons,
– Children under 6 years of age,
– members of official delegations,
– travelers for humanitarian reasons,
– participants of youth international sports events,
– participants of events in the field of science, culture and art,
– members of the delegations of sister cities.
2. To apply for a visa, you must have a health insurance policy with an insurance liability of at least EUR 30,000 valid in the Schengen area and valid for either the first visit of the visa or the entire visa validity period.
3. Documents required for visa issuance:
You can fill out the visa application form yourself electronically. To fill out the questionnaire in electronic form, you need to go to http://www.mfa.ee/visa. Recommendations for completing the electronic questionnaire are here http://www.peterburg.estemb.ru/konsulskaja_informatsija/viza/aid-485.
3.1. single entry visa:
passport, valid for at least 3 months from the end of the visa. photo color 3.5 * 4 on a white background with a large face (80% of the face in the photo) application form (for each child a separate questionnaire with a photograph is filled regardless of age). The internal Russian passport (or a copy thereof) is an example of a notarial power of attorney. if the intermediary gives the data of the inviting person from Estonia (copy of the ID-card and a copy of the passport), the sample invitation (the invitation is drawn up in free form) is the insurance consular fee in euros.
3.2. multiple entry visa:
all that is listed in paragraph 3.1. a cooperation agreement with an Estonian company, a copy and the original (the original is returned), a letter of guarantee from a Russian company modeled on insurance, a consular fee in euros.
If there were no trips to Estonia for more than two years. then the first visa will be a one-time visa, the subsequent visas will be multiple.
3.3. multiple entry visa to relatives:
all that is listed in paragraph 3.1., copies of documents confirming the relationship (birth certificate, marriage certificate (s), divorce (s)).
The cost of our visa processing services is 1400 rubles, and for privileged categories of citizens 700 rubles per person, regardless of the duration of the visa.
You can pay for services in the office of the Foundation when you issue documents.
For more information call +7 (813 75) 53369.
Filling out the Form for the Schengen Visa.
Filling out the Form for a Schengen visa.
This is a simple but painstaking process. Let’s see more details on what points should be paid attention. The sample of the questionnaire for the Schengen visa I will give below. The Schengen visa for Germany is small and can be filled in in Russian and English.
item 1 – item 3 must be filled in by Latin (Ivanova Irina) in the same way as it is written in the passport.
item 4 is filled in according to the European standard 1987-04-30 (year, month, day)
item 5 is indicated as written in the passport.
paragraph 6, all born in Russia before 1992, it is necessary to indicate the USSR.
paragraph 7 as well as in the last paragraph, if you were born before 1992 it is necessary to indicate both the citizenship of the USSR and the Russian.
p. 11 Russia does not assign an ID, so we just write NO.
item 16 feature the following – it is necessary to specify precisely as in the foreign passport.
p. 17 here indicate the valid Phone, e-mail and address. Perhaps the embassy will have questions and they will need to contact you.
p. 18 If you are a citizen of Russia and registered in one of the cities of Russia, feel free to write in this column NO. If you are a citizen of a third country, for example Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan or Ukraine and live in Russia, indicate the data of your national passport.
Items 19, 20 are filled in accordance with the certificate from the place of work. It is important, in point 20, to indicate the exact address of the employer, the email address of the site, if there is one and a valid city telephone number, so that the embassy can reach the person who can confirm your position. I always specify the phone number and the additional number of the personnel department.
item 22, indicate the country, and which you plan to spend the most time.
It is important to fill in clause 23 exactly in the form of the questionnaire for the Schengen visa. If you fly by plane and point directly to the country of the first entry. If you are traveling by car or by train, be sure to indicate the first country for example Poland.
paragraph 24 if you want to get multischengen write multiple entry!
item 25, the duration of the stay is strictly in accordance with the purchased air or railway tickets, as well as this information must be strictly duplicated in the insurance policy.
paragraph 26, it is necessary to specify only the Schengen visas issued for the last 3 years. If you have visas not the European Union, you do not need to write them. Example: 21/03/2013 – 26/11/2012 Italy, 03.23.2012 – 04/05/2013 Spain, etc.
item 27 at the moment we just write NOT RELATING.
Section 28 is filled only if the final country of arrival is NOT included in the Schengen Union.
item 29, 30 I advise you to specify the date of arrival + several days for reinsurance. Sometimes, for example, it’s just not possible to buy air and train tickets for the required date. For example, you enter the country on 04/30/2013, the first date of entry should be indicated on 28.04.2013, that is, +3 days to the date of arrival. The same with the date of departure. The main thing is to take into account in paragraph 25 and when drawing up insurance and financial resources in the bank.
par. 31, 32 if you are traveling by invitation, you need to accurately indicate the sample of the questionnaire for the Schengen visa to the inviting person, they can be taken from the Invitation documents. If you are traveling as a tourist, you need to accurately enter the hotel data with the exact address, phone and website.
item 33, you can specify several options.
item 36, 37, page 4 must be signed personally to all people who have reached the age of 16. Place the city in which you sign the documents.
Schengen visa to Germany application form can be downloaded from this link.
Addendum of 16.07.13 for completing the questionnaire for the Schengen visa: