8 trains that pass through the most unusual places.
The most incredible railways.
Most people are used to what a classic railway looks like. But in fact, as it turns out, there may be options. There are places where railroad tracks run right under the windows of houses, after the sea surface and even along the runway. And this is not a complete list of automotive unusualities.
1. A train passing through the Bloomersky section.
Unique railway in the Bloomers section.
When it was first planned to build a railway near Obernai, California (early 1860s), this seemed impossible, since it was necessary to build a 30-meter tall and 150-meter-long wooden overpass through a deep ravine, and also “cut the way” in the local hills. When the Bloomers section was completed in 1864, it was perceived as the “eighth wonder of the world”. Surprisingly, the section of the railway that passes through the hill has survived to this day.
2. A train passing through a residential building.
Unique railway, passing through a residential building.
Thanks to the unique topography and high density of Chongqing development, one of the most populated cities in China, architects and urban planners had to come up with a unique way to develop a vital for the city monorail line. Their decision surprised the whole world & # 8212; trains run straight through a 19-storey residential building. From the north, east and south, the city is surrounded by the mountains of Daba, Wushan, Woolin and Dahl, and most of the urban area is essentially on the mountain slopes.
This, coupled with the lack of free space due to the high density of development (the population is about 49 million), has led to the fact that infrastructure development has become a real problem. In 2004, during the continuation of the monorail branch, the authorities faced a problem: either demolish the entire apartment building and make room for the monorail, or make a tunnel directly through the house. As a result, the second option was chosen.
3. A train passing along a narrow street.
Unique railway in a narrow street.
Almost always at the entrance to the railway there are special signals and barriers that warn passers-by and drivers about approaching trains. However, what to do if the rails pass a few steps from the front door. This is what can be seen in Hanoi. On a busy street in the old quarter of the city people live and work side by side with the railway tracks, which take place literally a meter from the walls of the houses. The shops are closed for the duration of the train.
4. Train passing along the top of the dam.
Unique railway on the dam Hindenburgdamm.
Hindenburgdamm & # 8212; 11-kilometer dam between the island of Sylt and the mainland of Germany. It was opened in 1927 solely for railway traffic. Before the dam was built, the communication with the island depended on the “mercy” of the tides, and in winter Waddenze froze completely, making the crossing impossible.
The ferry took about six hours, and in unfavorable weather and tidal conditions it lasted even longer. As a result, it was decided to build a railway embankment, through which more than 100 trains pass every day today. 50 of them carry cars, because there is no road to Sylt.
5. Project 21000-kilometer railway from China to the United States.
The project is a unique railway branch from China to the US.
China plans to build an ambitious 21,000 kilometer railway line to launch high-speed trains to America via Russia. At the same time crossing the Bering Strait between Russia and Alaska involves the construction of a 200-kilometer underwater tunnel under the Pacific Ocean.
The proposed railway line will start in China, pass through Siberia, under the Bering Strait, through Alaska and Canada and will end in the USA. The Chinese hope that trains on this line will be able to develop a speed of 350 km / h, which will allow passengers to travel from China to the US in less than two days. The consent of Russia has already been received.
6. The longest railway tunnel in the world.
Passage of the Railway of the Gothard Base Tunnel.
The longest and deepest railway tunnel in the world was officially opened in Switzerland in 2016, after two decades of construction work. The 57-kilometer Gotthard base tunnel provides railroad fast communication through the Swiss Alps between northern and southern Europe. On the second place is the 53.9-kilometer Japanese railway tunnel Seikan, and on the third is the 50.5-kilometer Eurotunnel linking the UK and France under the English Channel.
7. A train passing through a spiral viaduct.
Unique railway for the spiral viaduct in Brusio.
In the Swiss commune of Brusio you can find a nine-track single-track railway bridge, which is bent by a loop. Like most spiral tracks, it was built to change the height of the railway tracks. The length of the viaduct is 110 meters, and the longitudinal inclination is 7%.
8. A train passing along the runway.
Unique railway on the runway.
Regional airport Gisborne is located on the western outskirts of Gisborne in New Zealand. It is one of the few airports in the world in which you can see a railway line crossing the runway. Here, trains stop before GDP when takeoff and landing of aircraft. At the Viennard airport in Tasmania, there was also a railway crossing on the runway, but due to the fact that railroad transportation almost ceased to be used here, the route was closed in early 2005.