705. Taxes. Should I pay? Immigration Canada.
Do I have to pay taxes on income from freelancing?
& mdash; (Inna) We had a question from Dinex: if I’m a bird of free flight in terms of finances, and I get money through the Internet, how can this be written off and what percentage should I pay? Do I have to withhold it or do I pay for all taxes?
& mdash; (Man) Obviously, we are talking about a self-employed person, and he is most likely an agent. He does some work and money comes to his account for the work done. To begin with, you just need to understand and clearly define yourself, and this should enter into the flesh and blood of the person who lives in Canada – Canada is talking about, so Canada, yes – that taxes have to be paid. What are the taxes paid by you? The taxes paid by you are your free medicine, this is the infrastructure of the city in which you live, it is the concern of the country, Canada, about your well-being, and it’s an honor to pay taxes to the country.
The explanation is in plain language how to count the passing score in the Express Entry in 2017.
The next moment. A person who does not pay taxes, he is in some shadow, that is, he is not visible to public services. Not in the sense that they are spying on him, but he does not see, he is an invisible man. He can not invite his parents, he can not invite his friends, he can not marry abroad and bring his wife from abroad, because he does not know who, and lives on what is unknown. This should be clear. You must be an honest payer of taxes.
The second point. Of course, this freelancer, or self-employer, or a self-employed person, is a very profitable business in what respect? Taxes are paid once a year. that is, all your expenses you collect, you probably noticed that foreigners coming to your country all the time ask for checks. Whether he is in a cafe, whether he buys something, if our person he somehow throws these checks, he does not need it, he considers it a petty business. A foreigner collects all checks. And this is connected with what? Here is this self-employed person, he collects checks for a year, and then writes off everything he can for his expenses.
& mdash; (Man) For example. This is a self-employed person, this person must live somewhere, he must have his own office, he must have his own car, etc., a number of various expenses.
& mdash; (Inna) Representative money for restaurants, gifts.
& mdash; (Male) Executive money for gifts, for purchasing programs, buying furniture.
& mdash; (Inna) Education, purchase of books.
& mdash; (Man) Yes. Purchase of books, training, special programs. All this is included in its cost part, which he subsequently writes off at the end of the year. I do not decipher here all this up to some trifles, you literally quickly understand everything, faced with this. I just call – do not go into the shadows, do not be afraid that your income is like this: “And what do I now have to pay almost 40% of taxes from this income?”. No, it’s written off.
& mdash; (Inna) Is it possible to write off a dentist?
& mdash; (Man) Dentist? Yes. That is, you went to put the crown – it will cost a decent amount of money. This is quite expensive, it can reach up to $ 800.
& mdash; (Inna) No, since 800.
& mdash; (Man) I’m so as not to frighten listeners. $ 800, and, this is not a new tooth, your own, it’s still an artificial material. Yes, everything will be done well, beautifully, but it’s worth the crazy money. But we digress.
That is, all your costs, you collect everything, collect, and at the end of the year you balance it all.
& mdash; (Inna) Who reduces the balance? You personally?
& mdash; (Man) No, wait, do not rush. And you balance. And it may turn out to be zero, you do not have to pay anything. At the same time you lived, the wheels were spinning, everything was happening, but you have nothing to pay, because your income and your expenses turned out to be equal or something. This is normal, there is nothing reprehensible about it, it turns out that you are specifically writing off your income. We will not even look into this direction.
The next moment. You must acquire your accountant, a strong, strong accountant. For women of any age, I would recommend, if you are standing at some kind of crossroads in choosing a profession, an accountant is a profession very well paid here in Canada. I understand that they get somewhere …
& mdash; (Inna) We will not say how much they get, it’s a personal matter for every person.
& mdash; (Man) Yes, it’s a personal matter, but they get decent enough money. And they help just here …
& mdash; (Inna) Solve these problems with taxes.
& mdash; (Man) It is to solve these problems. I’m not saying, I’m not pushing you, so you’re doing some unnecessary things, no. It’s not about that. They just show you how to competently …
& mdash; (Inna) On which groups can you write off taxes.
& mdash; (Man) Yes. They will show you everything clearly. And you just need to have an accountant at your place. yes, you will pay for these services, but it will be worth it.
So this was the question, I think, he already …
& mdash; (Inna) We will not answer on interest. This is very individual.
& mdash; (Man) No, we will not even interest. This is individual. I called this kind of percentage this, yes, taxes are huge. But this tax system, it pulls the whole country, it pulls the whole country on itself. And people are alive, and people are grateful. The same medicine, and everything, anything. Here examples led to the fact that a woman – a husband ran away, she has three children, what to do? She was simply given a townhouse, she lives with her children. This is at the expense of the budget, at the expense of us, at the expense of you, at the expense of future taxpayers. God forbid, someone will happen to someone, what can I do? The country, you see, does not abandon its heroes, as they say.
I answered: you do not need, in any case, to go into the shadows, do not be afraid, you just need to clearly understand this situation. You will be assisted by an accountant with this task. I do not see any problems.
& mdash; (Inna) All the best and luck!
& mdash; (Man) All the best and good luck!
You can emigrate to Canada in a variety of ways, for example:
& mdash; Use the program for skilled workers. To do this, you must meet several requirements: it is good to know English or French, to have higher education, work experience in your specialty, etc.
& mdash; Move through the provincial program, for example, Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba or Quebec.
& mdash; Enroll in a Canadian college or language course. You will master a new profession, get local experience and this will help in the future to obtain a Canadian passport.
& mdash; If you do not know how to file documents and want to be sure of the result, contact immigration lawyers. They will help you to immigrate to Canada quickly and in the most beneficial way for you.
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