5 reasons to move to Moscow or never do it.
Moscow is a city of opportunities or a gray and dull metropolis? The author of this post moved from Vladivostok to Moscow and, having lived in the capital, saw that the majority of stable opinions about her are just myths. Read whether it is worth moving to Moscow and what awaits you there.
For a long time I lived in Vladivostok and, like many people, I often visited the idea of moving with annoying frequency. The main reason for me was the lack of career opportunities.
I could work in the role I want, but I did not have much choice among employers in the labor market. But the older you become, the harder it is to decide.
There are many myths about life and work in Moscow in the regions. Often, it is these fears that stop us from making the decision to move.
And of course, the banal laziness. We are so used to our way of life, that the decision in one hour to take and change everything, seems to us absurd. Today I will try to debunk a number of them to explain why I should go to Moscow.
The main myths about life in Moscow:
Moscow is not rubber. In Moscow you have to be very careful not to trust anyone. It’s easy to find a job in Moscow, but you’ll have to start from the starting positions. Living in Moscow is expensive. Moscow is a gray and dull city.
Moscow is not rubber.
Millions of people come to Moscow in search of a better life. Traffic jams, crowds of people in the metro and on the streets, a frantic pace. The first month, I physically could not go down into the metro without an escort.
Now I think that this is the most comfortable mode of transport for a city with a million inhabitants. In general, public transport in Moscow deserves special praise.
Very comfortable buses with air conditioning, trams that will drive you to the right place without traffic jams. If you want to drive a private car, then be prepared for unpredictable traffic.
The pace of construction and the joining of the nearest cities to the territory of Moscow confirm that it will accommodate all comers.
Caution and search for housing.
Most advice for travelers say that in Moscow you need to be very cautious and do not trust anyone: from a newly rented apartment you can endure things, on the street a lot of thieves and charlatans …
In fact, the real estate market in Moscow is absolutely transparent. You can try to find an apartment without intermediaries through the group The Locals on Facebook. Practice of my friends says that it is completely reliable.
The downside is that you can not always find the right option. To find an apartment through the agency there is a site cian.ru, where you can find all the current offers.
Everything is legal, real apartments and most importantly – no one takes money to view the apartment! The rent depends on the area. In addition, you will have to pay a commission, as well as a deposit in the amount of the monthly cost of the apartment.
The main advice – read everything that you sign!
Job search in Moscow.
Examples of my friends said more often that it is easy to find a job in Moscow, but you will have to start from the starting positions. Apparently I was lucky, as I received an offer to move to my company.
There are many proposals on the labor market. But if you do not have Moscow experience, then this can become an obstacle in finding a job, especially in sales.
Requirements for candidates are quite high: profile education, experience and knowledge of the specifics of business and spoken English. Without the knowledge of a foreign language in this city, you feel incomplete, because practically in any decent company you can not work.
You can not be embarrassed only if you did not come for career growth, but just to change the situation.
It is these circumstances that are the main stimulus for development for you. In Moscow, a lot of options for free seminars and workshops, clubs for business communication and language practice.
The main advice is to find a better job before moving out.
If you are offered a translation within your company, do not even hesitate!
Living in Moscow is expensive.
If you are accustomed to quality service in the salons and, at the same time, at affordable prices, then in Moscow you will be disappointed. Increased demand affects the quality of supply.
Sometimes it seems that your needs are not interested at all. The best way to find yourself a good master is to make recommendations.
Products can also be purchased at very affordable prices. Prior to the sanctions, the difference with the Far Eastern prices was almost twofold. And, of course, the choice of vegetables and fruits. You can be assured of their good quality and the best taste sensations.
In Moscow, many use the services of domestic workers. For 1500-2000 rubles. in the week of a friendly Philippine girl will clean your apartment, if necessary, also pat your things. Household cares go into the background, and you can spend your free time on rest, sports or self-development.
Gray and sad city.
The main misconception for me was the idea of Moscow. On business trips this city seemed very gray and dull.
In reality, you can spend every weekend with profit and get new impressions. Theatrical performances, green parks, fashion exhibitions and concerts of famous performers – all this is only a small part of the diverse cultural life of Moscow.
Life in Moscow is beautiful, if you are witful about the opportunities that this city gives.
In the warm season in the parks you can ride rollerblades or bicycles, sunbathe under birches or read books on a green lawn. In winter, the parks turn into a big ice rink.
Each corner of the city is thought out and done with care for the inhabitants of the capital. In the courtyards there are children’s playgrounds, in the mornings streets and stops are washed, public transport goes to one o’clock in the morning.
It is here that you realize that in the regions, unfortunately, this will never happen. Our country has been tripled so much that all the financial flows are concentrated in Moscow, and therefore the bulk of the investment.
So, 5 reasons for moving to Moscow:
Comfortable public transport. Legislatively regulated real estate market. Many opportunities for professional and personal development. A wide range of quality products at affordable prices. A diverse cultural life.
If you are unhappy in your city and it seems to you that changing your place of residence will solve all your problems, you are not an expert in the professional field and do not invest in your development, and most importantly – you do not have healthy ambitions, leave thoughts about moving and live a quiet and a measured provincial life. Moscow for proactive people!
And what do you think of life in the capital?
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700 thousand people. The regional center. Not all yards have playgrounds. Streets and stops in the morning do not wash, if the author had in mind just washing. My district is still there and there, it’s pretty clean: they sweep, they do not litter a lot. But there are areas in the city where the stops are terribly skewed, and no one is cleaning especially. Public transport runs until the hour only on New Year’s Day and on City Day. On the remaining days until 11 pm. There is a Central Park of Culture and Recreation. In general, it is possible to ride in it, but it is half-abandoned and has not been brought into proper form for a long time. And he is not at all near my house, but in the center. It can be reached by bicycle, but there are no special paths for this, unlike the capital. With parks in our city, frankly, a sad situation, although it would be possible to implement a couple of places under them. Saves the embankment of the Angara River, where the people mostly rest. But this I did not talk about such a bad city in terms of development, and in fact there are cities with a smaller population and on a greater outskirts of the regional centers. There are no future cities, where production is bent / bent, and there is nothing more to do for the people. And these are not one or two, but many throughout Russia. So, I do not know how it is in Vladivostok, but the author is right in something.
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