29.9t Should I go to work in Poland?
After the Maidan, many Ukrainians began to think about what to do next and where to go. Unemployment grows, and it will grow. A number of enterprises closed due to trade, and not only a trade war with Russia. Even more Ukrainian companies went bankrupt, and people were left without work due to the fault of the NBU leadership Kubiva-Gontareva. Ruining Ukrainian banks and introducing recklessly temporary administrations into banks, the leadership of the NBU Kubiva-Gontareva led to the fact that Ukrainian companies lost more than 40 billion UAH of money in banks where temporary administration was introduced or they were liquidated. As a result, many Ukrainian businessmen simply went bankrupt & quot; thanks to & quot; NBU, and Ukrainians were left without work.
But there is Poland, our friend and neighbor, the leadership of Poland, like no other, has put a lot of effort into the victory of Maidan and overthrowing the hated regime of the tyrant Yanukovich. Now Ukraine has made a European choice, signed an association agreement with the EU and has the most progressive and reformist government of Arseniy Yatsenyuk, in any case, our government is called the Polish authorities. Therefore, where not Ukrainians should go to earn their living in Poland. Moreover, the average salary in Poland is about 900 euros, while after the Maidan the salary in Ukraine is 100 euros. Therefore, really, it is worth going to work in Poland. Moreover, about 7-9 million people left Poland for other countries of the EU and the USA after the reforms of Balcerowicz were implemented in Poland, and, as a rule, there are not enough workers in Poland.
Any Ukrainian has the right to work in Poland for up to 180 days a year if he has officially entered Poland, having a national visa D with him in order to work in Poland, which allows him to stay in Poland for more than 90 days. At the same time, he, already in Poland, can get permission to stay and work in Poland in local authorities. In this case, Ukrainians can legally work in Poland. At the same time, the employer is obliged to conclude a contract with a hired Ukrainian, where to specify all the conditions of work and payment, and must fulfill it. In case of non-fulfillment of the contract, a Ukrainian who legally works in Poland can apply to the controlling bodies of Poland for the protection of his rights. At the same time, the employer is obliged to pay not only wages, but also taxes and social insurance payments, so that in the event of an insurance accident, the Ukrainian is socially protected.
In order to obtain a national visa D in order to work in Poland, a Ukrainian must have an application for a job offer from a Polish employer who has a mark in the local Polish labor body. Together with this application and a set of documents, one should apply to the consulate or the Polish Embassy in Ukraine and obtain a visa D.
Everything is very simple. The main desire. And one more important circumstance. To apply to the Polish Embassy, you need to enroll in the queue. At the same time, we should not forget that the invitation letter from Poland is valid only for 3 months, then it needs to be updated. Therefore, you need to do everything in time. Fortunately, the Embassy of Poland gives the opportunity in electronic form to apply for a national visa D for the purpose of work. Very comfortably.
That’s just a little problem. According to the program of the Polish Embassy, now it is almost impossible to register for the submission of documents for a visa D, not in one of the cities of Ukraine where there is a consulate or the Polish Embassy. Since there are so many interested people that they simply do not accept documents from Ukrainians who want to work in Poland. Just a crowd of people who wanted to leave Ukraine after the Victory of the Maidan turned out to be more than the crowd that stood on Maidan and shouted: “WE are Europe”.
Here the guys obviously overdid it, and with Maidan, and with invitations, and with work. It is not surprising that now the Internet is simply overwhelmed with suggestions to help obtain a work visa to Poland, for a fee, or at least help register for visa applications. This is really a great conquest of the Maidan. Now Ukrainians can not only go to work in Poland, but also give an opportunity to make good money for various kinds of intermediaries and “decisions”. For this, it was really worth doing the Maidan and signing an association agreement with the EU.
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