10 sites for correspondence with foreigners.
Communicating in English is one of the best ways to learn a language and improve your skills. The experience of voice communication and even correspondence is invaluable for those who are going to live and study abroad, and also take the language exams IELTS and TOEFL.
Today, there are many sites that help you find friends abroad, communicate with them and practice in English.
Introducing the Top 10 resources for communicating with foreigners …
This international social network unites people from all over the world who want to find penpals. There are registered users from Great Britain, India, USA, Russia, France, Japan, Korea, Spain, Germany and many other countries.
On the site you can upload photos and information about yourself, as well as write an announcement about who and for what purposes you are looking for. Most portal users tend to find people for language practice, but this is not the only purpose of the resource. The social network relies on the opportunity to find a true friend and a soul mate in any part of the world!
The resource has an official application for Android.
The site is designed specifically for linguistic interchange between native speakers of different languages. It is enough to pass a quick registration to get acquainted with the native speaker of a foreign language and start a correspondence.
The resource is based on a mutually beneficial linguistic exchange. For example, you learn English and communicate with a native English speaker who teaches Russian. In addition to English, the site can learn Italian, French, Spanish and other languages.
For the convenience of users there is a forum and groups through which it is easy to find new friends by correspondence.
This site has long established itself as the best way among students studying foreign languages.
The resource provides versatile opportunities – from language lessons at all levels to finding friends by correspondence. On the portal, a lot of users who regularly exchange their language experience, check each other’s written tasks, write messages and communicate with each other in a convenient chat.
4. Learning Russian with Russians (Facebook)
This is a popular group on the Facebook network. It unites more than 4,000 users from all over the world who want to learn the language, communicating with the Russians.
Most members of the group are ready for a language exchange and will be happy to help you learn your native language in exchange for help in learning Russian.
In this social network, you can create your own page, write about yourself and start searching for your friends by correspondence.
The site unites a large number of users who are carriers of all kinds of languages. There are special groups and forums for communication on interests. In addition, you can keep in correspondence in private messages and leave comments on the pages of other users.
This is a portal for quick finding of interlocutors and language exchange. There are registered users from different countries, with whom you can communicate in real time.
On the site there is not only a convenient text chat, but also a voice chat, communication in which will help you develop speaking skills in a foreign language.
7. Learning Russian with Russians (Google)
This Google community is the equivalent of the group on the Facebook site. There are more than 3,000 registered users.
In the group you can get acquainted with foreigners who study Russian and are ready for language exchange. The community is useful not only for learning the language, but also for simple communication on interesting topics.
Another version of the popular language group, which is sure to please adherents and active users of the Vkontakte network.
The group is not so great, there are only about 1,000 participants. Nevertheless, there are many foreigners studying Russian and wishing to find pen-friends for language exchange.
The international social network is oriented to a multifaceted communication between foreigners, including correspondence for the purpose of language exchange.
Here you can write in private messages, communicate online and on forums. The site brings together more than 11,000 users from 164 countries of the world, seeking to communicate, learn new languages and other cultures.
10. Club of friends by correspondence “Edelweiss”
This portal was created specifically for the Russian-English language exchange between native speakers of these languages.
Here you can find friends by correspondence abroad, improve your language skills, gain new experience and even meet your soul mate! There is also a forum for communication on the portal and lots of useful articles with advice on how to learn a foreign language.
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