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13 ������ about 16:00 ����� tochka.net �������� ������������� ��������� ������������ IDCEE – ³����� ҳ���� � President of EPAM � �����, ����� IDCEE 2011 – Karl Robb.
³����� ҳ���� � ���� ���� ���������, ���� � ���� ����� � vs� chansi stati pomotnim gravtsem na rinku IT, i is not deprived yak as the center of outsourcing.
����������� ������ – ������� ��� ������, ��� �� �� ������ – ���� ����� ������� ���� ���������� Conference�� Investor Day CEE. 25-26 ������ � ��� ��������� ����������� ��������-�������� �� ��������� � ������ ����.
You z’yavitsya unikalna mozhniv�st diznatisya V�ktor�� T�g�pko i Karla Robba, kudi potrybno go, yakschoo you � �deya, yak mozhe perevernut sv�t ������������� ���������. You can ziznite more about those who are vvdbuvatimetsya on the Investor Day and in the country of visitors to Kiev.
Ask yourselves to drink food, drink, drink, and carlo Robbo directly at the conference site 13 ������ at 16:00!
³����� ҳ���� – Keruyuchy Director of Venture Fund TA Venture, General Partner of Business Incubator Internet Startups Growth Up and Organizer Forum IDCEE “Investor’s Day .Internet-technology and innovation”. ϳ� �� ����������� ������ �������� �� ����� 200 ������.
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Also Ukrainians are in our offices in America, in England, in Hungary and in Germany. I do not exactly say how many people. But there are a certain number of people of Ukrainian descent, with whom I regularly cooperate in other countries. And we only contribute to this. We have British in the Ukrainian state, Americans, and Ukrainians also work in the US office. This is a global industry and a global company. And our customers expect a global service.
But it is obvious that if there are 2,000 people working in the Ukrainian state, most of them are Ukrainians. And only a few Britons, like me, a few Belarusians and Russians.
As for the contracts, I’m not sure that I understood the question correctly, but our employees in Ukraine pay the same taxes as everyone else. We are an American company and audit of our company deals with Deloitte. But I do not know all the nuances concerning this issue – we pay corporate taxes, employees pay taxes � etc. And this is one of the main issues that the IT industry is actively lobbying in the Ukrainian parliament to implement a competitive taxation regime, as it works, for example, in India, Belarus, China, where the state subsidizes the industries that export.
This is a very, very competitive market. There are more jobs here than people. The working conditions are very favorable. Everyone has medical insurance, food delivery and training. As in any other country where there are our representations, there are not enough workers.
Therefore, the conditions of their work are very favorable.
Did you get in trouble? Submitting:
All this is the company EPAM Systems – England, America (main office), Ukraine, Belarus, Hungary, Russia, Kazakhstan and Germany.
Nearly 2,000 employees work here. We spend several million dollars a year on software, equipment, legal services, accounting services, etc. So I think it’s essential.
We had an office in Hungary and Belarus for many years before we opened it in Ukraine (in Belarus since 1993, in Hungary since 2000). When I first came here in 2002, I was looking for a way to expand our company in Ukraine and one of the biggest problems was that the payment system, the working conditions in the company working here, were not very competitive. I actually hired several Ukrainians in an office in Hungary in 2002-2003, and this was one of the problems. When I came here for the first time many companies did not offer a very stable environment, regular compensation, benefits and I think when we expanded our company here – our competitors introduced standard health practices, competitive wages. Ordinary people in this industry receive hundreds of dollars a month. Working conditions for Ukrainians who have a family are very attractive in Ukraine. Over the past 4-5 years, the number of people moving abroad has significantly decreased.
I live here. And I left Britain when I was 23 or 24 years old looking for experience abroad. I think this is an excellent move for any Ukrainian. And most of them, in fact, will return.
This year we have recruited many Ukrainians, come back from America or England, because now it’s good to live here. These are international cities – Lviv, Kiev, Kharkov. Good living standards, you can find a good job with a good salary. If you are going abroad to gain experience, and you want to return and live next to your family – there is no problem with the issues of accommodation quality here. For example, we are actively promoting this in the UK and the US, inviting top managers to Ukraine, since there are a lot of really very talented people in Ukraine, but the skills of capitalism and business management are not developed.
Ukrainians in England and America, who worked 10 or 15 years in high positions, we are invited to Ukraine. Because, like in any sports team, coaches and leaders are needed to teach young talents. And thus, returning them from abroad, the economic qualities of life are visible now, and this is what is important to us.
As an American public company, we maintain our accounts and anyone who is interested in us can find information on the Internet. Our revenues, as in a global company, in 2010 amounted to about 200 – 210 million dollars. And, of course, this is more than 8 or 9 different countries, so I can not really divide them.
As for charity, we have a number of charitable contributions, for which our employees vote. They decide on what types of charity to give money. They collect money, we donate our equipment. Obviously, we update computers regularly, so we sacrifice old ones. But this is not the company’s policy, this is what employees decide themselves. What charitable act they want to do. Not exactly charity, this investment is more than charity.
We invest in Ukrainian universities. We have already launched 4 or 5 university laboratories, in which we sponsor equipment, software, teachers and training. What, in addition to their academic training, gives students the opportunity to produce global competitive software. For example, we have an educational institution together with one of our clients, where we teach about financial services and the global capital market, etc. And this is what we plan to significantly develop. We started this practice in Kiev, now it has spread to Lviv, we are also opening such an institute in Kharkov. It’s not exactly charity, but it’s a logical business investment. Because the more trained skilled people we have here – the more we can accept. Our goal is not to search for clients. We have 5 or 6 sales managers in the world and 58 recruiters. Finding employees is obviously a big challenge for us. I would say investing in education is not charity – it’s very important.
Did you get in trouble? Submitting:
Did you get in trouble? Submitting:
Today Ukraine is already one of the world centers for IT outsourcing. Here we have a big victory. We are on the fourth place in the world in terms of the number of certified IT specialists – this is a serious place. We have been entering the top 30 most attractive countries for IT outsourcing for many years. Ukraine ranks 8th in the world in the speed of downloading information on the Internet, and Russia – 16. That is, we are already in top positions.
We need to create an IT system – these are issues of the legislative environment. Legislation needs to be changed and improved. This is an understandable improved climate of the tax legislation, these are special regimes for the remuneration fund for employees engaged in IT-outsourcing. These laws are already being prepared, we expect them with great impatience.
The draft Law on a 5% payroll tax rate for those working in the IT sector will change the situation for the better and leave to Ukraine those competitive advantages that it has for today, which need to be developed and strengthened in all ways available to our state.
Did you get in trouble? Submitting:
Linguee is also developing very well. The number of visits is increasing. Everything is very dynamic and beautiful. This company employs people who have held top positions in Google – they absolutely understand exactly what they are doing and where the company is moving. This is the option when we invested in people, in a team with excellent, highly professional experience. The same can be said about the company �ixonic – this is a global platform in social games, this is the direction that is growing and developing rapidly. Yes, there is competition. But in this and the meaning of the startup – to show teeth, the team must be professional, piously believe in what it does and fight, fight to the end. While we like the results, the usual workflow is going on.
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I can not judge. But from my personal experience, one of the most successful of them is the one we built here in Kiev – a center of more than 500 professionals who create, maintain and maintain software for the number of key business processes of Barclays Capital, which is one of the world’s largest banks of investment.
The Ukrainians develop, build, maintain, maintain and operate an international investment bank 24 hours a day, the world’s largest and most competitive bank.
In the conditions of global competition with people from America, Singapore, India, Great Britain and in just one and a half year the team grew from 20 people to 500. I think this shows that Ukrainians do an excellent job in the world arena of the main financial institutions. It is the operating system of a critical investment banking system on a twenty-four-hour basis. This is a huge success.
But there are many others. Our competitors have a number of key clients with very important, for example, Oracle, Google, UBS are global names that make very competitive projects in Ukraine. And they must compete in the world market. Therefore, the fact that “Made in Ukraine” client does not care. They just want the best solution. Ukraine has a number of very successful projects. I think it would be a good idea for someone to organize the Ukrainian Best Project and then you will get an answer.
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Did you get in trouble? Submitting:
Did you get in trouble? Submitting:
I think that sex is not a problem in the field of IT. One can really say that there is absolutely no difference between wages and working conditions for women, the possibility of promotion. There are not enough people in the industry, there is discrimination only in those industries where there are too many people, and you will get discrimination not on the basis of gender, but on family, religion, citizenship, etc. IT is a rapidly growing industry, it is a modern industry for young people. Young people by their nature are less prejudiced against race, religion or sex. And of course, women are paid just like men.
Recently, we with the women of our company have collected some advice. I attended the first meeting. They gathered not because they have complaints, but in order to discuss how we can change the conditions of maternity leave, what can we do to make them work longer, while they are pregnant, the opportunity to return after the decree to us on work, for example, in Belarus, we began to experiment with our own decree on the rules and the atmosphere in the office. In our case, everything is simple – we need as many people as possible. And if we have from 32 to 40 or 50% of women – there is nothing in it.
Victoria Tigipko: There are already women in IT, there are more of them in Europe, quite a lot in America, they are in Russia. At our conference last year was Anna Dvornikova, who is just the representative of women in IT, she is also a business angel, investor and president of AmBAR – an association that united all those who work on the Internet, the Russian-speaking community in Silicon Valley. Lena Masolova, who was with us last year at the conference, will also this year – a successful interentrepreneur, a leader of opinion, she is among the top 30 opinion leaders on the Russian Internet. A man who, literally three months after the formation, sold Groupon his company for tens of millions. Now he works in �ixonic – this is a project that was invested by TA Venture, and also has many other very interesting ideas. And there are a lot of such women, I know only about 15 cofounders of Internet projects, which are developing quite successfully. These are very energetic girls and women, with an excellent education, who understand what professionals are on the Internet and how professionals work on the Internet.
Did you get in trouble? Submitting:
Did you get in trouble? Submitting:
Did you get in trouble? Submitting:
Did you get in trouble? Submitting:
Many people think that in order to start a business, you need to have a technical base or expert opinion. But I want to say that in order to present your project well to potential investors, you need to have good communication skills. That is, if you can well imagine your project, if you can communicate with people – you will succeed. If you are not such a person – you need to find a partner who can communicate with an audience that will adequately present your idea.
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I would like to note a very good feature of your IT specialists: Ukrainian experts and students like to attach the whole issue and even a little doubt, they.
Do not accept the idea blindly, they always want to get to the bottom of the truth.
I would not say that technically speaking, India’s specialists are lower in level than in Europe. I believe that they simply have too many of these specialists, too many people who have a diploma of a person who can work in the IT sector. In India, just more IT professionals per capita than in the average country in Europe.
Did you get in trouble? Submitting:
Did you get in trouble? Submitting:
Did you get in trouble? Submitting:
Did you get in trouble? Submitting:
Did you get in trouble? Submitting:
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“Chi ���� practice ��������� �������� ���� Systems ���������� IT-�������? ³����, �� ������� EPAM Systems ������� �������� ������� ��������� ����� (IPO) .I am repeatedly disagreeing with the information in order to get you especially that. Arkadiy Dobkinu to the drive dossier of the company EPAM Systems ta �� ���������, ����������� ������ – ����� ������� ����������, �� �� ������ ���� ��������.Yak Vu prokomentuete tsu situats�yu? Zvertayus before you in chergovy times �z proposits��yu osobisto ����������, �� the principle “��������� �� ���������” at its own robot company, it is up to the manager to meet the requirements, and to meet the requirements of the company in Ukraine about the date about the date of the interview. ” Valery Lazarchuk.
Yes, what are we talking about? Look at the conference statistics of 25 questions – 25 answers, and in this & quot; ordering & quot; 18 answers. It’s like at the university, I bought a ticket for the exam, I bought a question :)) That’s the answer, “accidentally missed”.
The topic of the conference is not a bit about the activities of EPAMA, a similar question about their taxes and decorations – the answer was given and it was published. The answers are less – because there was a time limit, the answers were given to those questions that had a higher rating. If you want to get an answer to your question – vote for it.
Some bad journalist, Valery Lazurchuk, if you can not even agree on an interview, except on public webcams.
The answer to my question sounded online but not in the typed text, why.
Now the answers are expanding, the work is on the text – in a couple of hours everything will be, and in a day or two – there will be a video: a full and a shorter one.
Victoria Tigipko does not seem to understand the term IT at all. Either considers the job & quot; on the Internet & quot; its only manifestation. Laughter through tears! At least read before the interview, what is outsourcing, software development, testing, etc. What does Epam do in general?
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